So, it’s been months since this page has been updated

As a solo gigging and music-releasing project, Willow Sea is on hold indefinitely. This is largely because my Grounds For Invasion project with Tracy Friel has kind of taken over (see below for GFI updates), and other upcoming projects are going to hoover up most of my spare tracks & ideas.

Willow Sea album 2 has been abandoned, too.

I’m currently collaborating with a percussionist, a clarinetist and a vocalist on what we think will basically be a full-band version of the funkier Willow Sea stuff, with songwriting input from the whole band. There’s a guitarist and bass player lined up for when we’re getting the whole show on the road. I think, when we get a shape on a record, it’ll be much stronger than if I’d done it all alone. Plus, it’ll be more exciting live. So it’s more an evolution of the Willow Sea project than the death of it, with a strong focus on being able to entertain a crowd and get ’em all dancing. I’m excited about this as-yet-unnamed project, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ll be getting out and about in a few months, and we’ll be aiming ourselves squarely at summer 2016.

On to Grounds For Invasion.

Hot Press magazine and The Irish Times both listed Grounds For Invasion as one of the acts to watch in 2015, which was a great start to our year. We released our debut album ‘Dying Stars’ in February to strong reviews and universally positive press. There’s a lot of potential in Grounds For Invasion, and we’ve got plans for the year ahead, not the least of which is adding in a third member, Dave Shaugnessy on drums/percussion. It’ll be at least a couple of months before we get Dave involved, but we’re really looking forward to working him into our setup.

If you’re looking to catch Grounds For Invasion live, here’s a few upcoming dates:

March 6th – Roisin Dubh, Galway (supporting Booka Brass Band)

March 12th – The Workmans Club, Dublin (Dublin launch of Dying Stars)

April 5th – PhaseOne Festival, Leitrim

We’ve a couple more ready to be announced, we’re just waiting for the go-ahead.

Check out the video for our track ‘Bruce Lee’





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