Brief update between pressing engagements

Updates have become more infrequent the busier Willow Sea gets. So here are things in a nut shell.

The Grounds For Invasion EP is done and back from the mastering engineer (the excellent and gentlemanly Carl Saff, at Saff Mastering). It’s sounding absolutely fantastic, I’m so very proud of the work Tracy Friel put in on vocals. There will be a limited run of CDs, the multi-talented Ciarán Bonner, who also designed my album cover, is on design duty again. So you know it’s gonna look great! We’ll probably launch it in early October. Before then, our first gig is tonight, before we rock the ever-living shit out of Electric Picnic on September 1st, on the Peace Pagoda in Body & Soul.

I’ve temporarily taken over as producer for Calafort, for whom I’m also on keys and lead guitar. The first recording session is next week, at Willow Sea Studios. The songs are in shape and we’re all geared up to make this album as good as we know it can be. Hell yeah!

Work with Seamus Ruttledge and The Full Outfit has continued to bear fruit, so much so that we’ve pushed back finishing the album until Seamus stops writing great songs to put on it! In the meantime, we’ll be on the Mindfields stage on September 1st at Electric Picnic.

I’ve finally finished work on the BELAFONTE! EP, and we’re launching it tonight at Citóg, in The Cellar Bar, Galway. We’re all proud of the work we’ve done on it, the guys put some serious work in on the performance side of things. I’ll be joining them onstage tonight on keys and electric guitar.

Instead of doing any of the above for the last month, I’m been editing, tweaking and mixing the songs recorded by the students of Durham Vocal Studio over a 5 day period in July. The one thing I’ve learnt, other than time management, is that there’s a whole hell of a lot of talent in Galway.

Not one to be sitting back, I’ve lined up a couple of projects for when all the above is cleared. I’ve been asked to contribute a remix to an EP by Dublin-based Grouse which should be loads of fun to do. There’s an un-named Trip Hop idea being bandied about with one of Galways most passionate musical heads (who currently wishes to remain anonymous!), as well as a couple of recording gigs and a possible collaboration with travelling man of Will-Ferrell-In-Austin-Powers-Tan Fia Rua. Oh, and I’ll be starting my own label to release some of these projects under.

Now, back to rehearsing for my 3 gigs tonight.

Then, I better start rehearsing for my 3 gigs at Electric Picnic on Sunday.

Back to work!

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