I’m a terrible website owner

Willow Sea is officially up the walls with work, which is why the website hasn’t been updated in six weeks. In that time, he’s finished the recordings of a collaborative EP with singer par awesomeness Tracy Friel, finished recording, producing and mixing an LP by Mayo songsmith Micheal O’Connor, licked an album of songs into shape with side project Calafort (on lead guitar and keys), produced and written most of the music for an in-progress album by Tuam poet and folk-fella Seamus Ruttledge (which is very, very exciting. And also features the weirdest song Willow Sea has ever heard. And some true-blue opera vocals), joined a band that may or may not become known as Fia Rooney, and started working on tracks with several sexy new collaborators. Some of which might just well end up on the next Willow Sea solo album. He’s also been keeping a steady side gig in, well, gigging, and kept his recording studio ticking over.

He’s also in the process of overhauling his gigging rig, to feature less breakable, more reliable equipment, and a lot more shiny LEDs.

For now, though, he’s going to have himself a bottle of beer.

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