Wait … I has website?

Been up the walls the last few week, what with wrapping the recordings on my EP with Tracy Friel (it’s easily some of the best stuff I’ve done so far); writing, rehearsing and performing a 45 minute set with new project The Full Outfit (catch us at a festival near you this summer, although it’s all a little hush hush for now); inching towards finishing BELAFONTE!s EP (which is sounding terrific, by the way); recording and mixing various clients (gots to make a living somehow, like) and preparing for and playing at Vantastival last weekend. I’ve also reconstructed the studio and have a new computer, so shit is seriously off the hook in Willow Sea Studios. AND I’m building my live set from scratch, including the MIDI instruments I use to control everything with. So expect less gear onstage, but more colourdy lights. Excited!

So. I’m playing in Monroes Backstage Bar, Galway tomorrow night with Blitz Bandslam On Tour. Then I’m playing Friday May 17th in Secret Garden, Galway. I’m also playing at Knockanstockan again this year, details will follow as I get them.

In other-project news, Calafort is getting closer to the studio, we’re meeting up with our producer in the next wee while to have a chat and see what the plan is. He’s had a couple of UK top 10 singles and albums, so I’ll be mining his experience as much as I can!

I also might be joining another side project with a few other Galway-based blow-ins, but we’ll see what happens. It’s so early, we’ve not even been in a room together yet.


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