Other stuff Willow Sea does

Not content with making just my own music, I also run a home-based recording studio capable of capturing just about whatever variety of lovely noise my friends and clients make. If you’re interested in checking it out, there’s contact details under the ‘Studio’ tab up top.

I also produce a weekly radio show on Galways Flirt FM called The AMP Radio Sessions, on behalf of the Access Music Project, which I was a participant in a few years back. For each show we record the act performing a number of their songs live, and interview them. We’ve had a shitload of local (and less-local) talent on the show since we got started in March including, but not limited to, David Hope, Barry Walls, Dott, Rural Savage, Seamus Ruttledge, Fling, Mikey and the Scallywags, Niall Teague and the Fast Company, Fia Rua, Crow Black Chicken, Me (as in Willow Sea), The Sumbrellas, The Amazing Apples, Mister Ebby, Tara Stacey and more. My co-show-runner and presenter, the marvellous Tracy Friel, has uploaded all the shows online somewhere. Once I find them, I’ll set a new tab up top with links to the shows and the bands. I’ll also mock up some kind of logo.

Tomorrow I’ll be taping a performance and interview with Jenny Liston, in the lush surroundings of Willow Sea Studios. As usual, I’ll be moving the guinea pigs out of the room for the duration.

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