Willow Sea Studios

Willow Sea Studios is a portable, flexible and competitively priced recording studio based in Galway City, Ireland. Capable of recording 16 channels of 48k/24 bit audio simultaneously, there are few recording situations it cannot handle. Designed to be powerful, versatile, yet compact, the studio rig is also highly mobile and can be used for location, live and radio recording.

Willow Sea Studios has entered into a partnership with Saff Mastering in Chicago, USA to offer preferential rates and a three-week guaranteed turnaround to clients. Check out http://www.saffmastering.com for more info on Carl Saff and his incredible client list (Thurston Moore, Dinosaur Jr., Urge Overkill, Merge Records, Subpop Records, Drag City, Asthmatic Kitty etc).


Yamaha HS50m

Focusrite VRM box

Audio Technica ATH-M50



2x Focusrite Scarlett

8x Focusrite Octopre LE

1x Golden Age Projects Pre73 MkIII

8x Presonus XMAX

2x Soundcraft GB30



1x Audio Technica AT2020

1x Audix i5

1x Golden Age Projects R1 Active MkIII ribbon mic

1x M-Audio Sputnik

2x Oktava MK012

2x Sennheiser e835s

1x Sennheiser e845

1x Sennheiser e902

1x Sennheiser e904

1x SE Titan

1x SE z3300a

1x Shure SM57

1x Shure SM7b

1x Studio Projects B1

Guitar Amps:

Laney VC15


Vox AD50VT


Instruments available for client use:

Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar, Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar, Cort bass guitar, Ibanez ukulele, Dave Smith Instruments Mopho LE synthesizer, Novation Mininova synthesizer, collection of various ‘colour’ instruments (percussion, glockenspiel, melodica etc).

Wide range of plugins.

Session musicians to play most instruments can be recommended.

Releases from Willow Sea Studios:

WillowSea cover scan  delaneys cover scan  MOC cover scan  Belafonte EP cover scanGFI EP COVER SCAn   Ruttledge Album coverFia Rua album coverInvolve Salthill 2014Sharpe Vote Yes EPSharpe Love EPobrys_ekopak6pTracy Bruen EP cover Dylan EP coveruntil aprila4289365853_7amy banks eurovisionroisin-seoighe

(Some tracks on the Dylan Murphy & Tracy Bruen EPs were recorded at Hob Junker Studios. The New Pope Youth EP was recorded at Willow Sea Studios, not the Youth LP).


Samples available online, or on request.

For queries, availablity, pricing and all other information, email info[at]willowsea.com, or call Will on +353 87 9285382


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